Idag gjorde jag en nabemono ”a simmering stew” med adzukibönor som protein. Så fräscht, krispigt och gott! Jag älskar japansk mat! 😋🥕🥦🌶🥬🌽🍲🇯🇵

”Nabemono is a compound word, where nabe (鍋) refers to a cooking pot and mono (物) means things or stuff. The concept of a nabe is simple: it can be a mixture of fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, tofu, and soybean products, or seasonal ingredients, all to be cooked in a simmering soup broth in a pot. Some of the popular nabemono dishes include Sukiyaki, Chanku Nabe, Shabu Shabu, Yudofu and Oden.” – source of information: Just One Cookbook.


Nabemono 5-6 port. Continue reading